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Taking Control of Data Privacy with User-Generated Terms and Conditions

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Data privacy can often seem daunting and unapproachable for consumers.

For this design, key considerations include transparency, guidance, and the use of user-friendly language.

To generate an effective and personal Terms and Conditions, it is essential to understand the user.

Many people find terms and conditions difficult to understand and customize. By simplifying the design and making it intuitive, even non-technical users can understand and customize their terms and conditions. On the other hand, the level of detail in the customizer also allows more advanced users to fine-tune their terms and conditions to their liking.

Terms & Conditions Card

The terms and conditions card underwent several rounds of iteration and testing to improve its legibility and ease of understanding for the user. Using a more human language was found to be effective in helping users quickly understand the level of strictness of their generated terms and conditions. The final form of the card is the result of this process.

Company Reports

Differentiating notable companies based on their approach to data privacy and categorizing them into different tiers.

Mobile Responsive

All designs are equally intuitive on mobile, as they have been tailored to be mobile-responsive with a focus on accessibility and legibility.

Friends (Neural) Network

Exploring how your friends are interconnected with each other, highlighting the strength of the connections between individuals, and building your own personal neural network.

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