Integrated Laboratory, Doctor, and Patient Suite

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    UI, UX Design
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    Desktop, Mobile (Native)
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  • Deliverables
    High-fidelity Prototypes UX Strategy

Nalagenetics is a Singapore-based biotech company dedicated to reducing adverse drug reactions and increasing prescription efficacy through genetic testing for populations in Singapore, Indonesia, and beyond. By studying how specific DNA characteristics affect drug responses, the company is developing genetic tests that are easier to understand, more affordable, for physicians and patients.


Nalagenetics tasked us with streamlining the end-to-end process, as it is quite complex and involves five different parties, the provider’s Clinic or Hospital, the doctor, the patient, the laboratory, and the courier.

Currently, the process is the following

Centralized and Fully Integrated Genetics Platform

Prototype, Test, and Iterate

By rapid prototyping with low-fidelity wireframes, we could quickly test designs with all user types, immediately gathering feedback to further iterate.

Before making any design decision, the solution has to work for all 4 user types. After many iterations, by taking advantage of the Nalagenetics platform as well as the mobile apps for Patient and Provider, we came up with a much more efficient and simplified process.

Simplified Process

Stunning UI that is true to brand

A UI with a design system that conforms to the company's brand creating a consistent and singular experience for all platform users supporting the trust-building exercise so crucial in this type of product.

Nalagenetics Patient Mobile App

The Nalagenetics Patient Mobile App ultimately elevates the user experience for the patient. On top of being able to request tests and having one place to access all the previous test results, the App boasts many other features to help the patient daily.

The App has a feature to remind the patient to take the medication multiple times a day, including its dosage and other instructions

Patients also have access to their complete Medical History through the app. It is easily exportable in case it’s needed for another Doctor.

The App also keeps tabs on the current well-being of the patient.

Finally, the most crucial feature is the emergency toggle in case there's an ADR (Adverse Drug Reaction), which alerts the patient's Doctor, clinic, and ambulance transport.

Nalagenetics Provider Mobile App

The Nalagenetics Provider mobile app lets doctors track the status of their patients' orders and test results. On top of that, it also acts as a knowledge base by being able to check the interaction between different drugs.

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